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Whoa! Summer is over, and I’ve been working on some soaps that are good for gift-giving for the holidays.  Every year, more and more people ask for chocolate soap.  My initial reaction was, “Gross! I don’t want to rub something brown on me!”  But I’ve been sporadically making batches of chocolate soap, and they’ve all turned pretty good.  The chocolate soap pictured below is made with olive, coconut, and palm oils; and cocoa butter with vanilla bean is added for the sweet “chocolatey” smell.  Cocoa powder is what makes it brown.


There will also be pumpkin soap:



But don’t worry.  All of the favorites are still around. I’m also happy to say that Keith Herzik has been screen-printing the packaging for my soap… you can see it below on the Lavender Soap:


Orange-blossom with Rose Petal Soap:

Cedarwood-Sage Soap:

Peppermint Soap:


Keith’s paper really makes them pretty.  You can see  more of his art at http://alamoigloo.blogspot.com/.

I don’t have any craft shows coming up, but I applied for some holiday ones, so stay tuned!


What’s buzzin’, Cousins?

Since I’ve last talked to you, I’ve been stock-piling coconut oil, palm oil, and olive oil, just so I can make some very special soap, just for you. Over the holidays, I made more chocolate soap, which was a smash hit. Sadly, it’s gone. But I have big plans to make more lavender soap with dried flowers and Shea butter; you all seem to like that a lot. Except some of you complain that you don’t like stuff that smells too “sharp”. Fair enough. I have big plans for you guys too. With spring and summer coming, I will return to tropical lemongrass, which is a natural insect repellent that doesn’t smell nasty like citronella. It’s also made with beeswax, which draws moisture into the skin, smells sweet, and looks pretty.

Aside from making soap, earrings, and stretch bracelets, I’ve been busy practicing with the Blue Ribbon Glee Club. Our next show will be on April 7, singing at the “Well-Read Affair” at the Cultural Center, presented by Literary Chicago’s Associate board. For more information about the event, check out www.literacychicago.org. We will also be performing at the CHIRP record fair on April 9, at the Chicago Journeyman Plumbers’ Union. More information at www.chirprecordfair.com.

The last thing I want to mention is the Milwaukee Avenue Art Festival on the weekend of July 29, 30, and 31. I will post more details as they transpire.

Next time I rap at you, I will have pictures of new soap, and more information about all the stuff I mentioned.


I’ve been busy making more handmade soap and the latest batch is my new favorite.
Peppermint Soap with Shea Butter might be the best soap I have made yet.

Peppermint Soap with Shea Butter

Peppermint Soap with Shea Butter

Peppermint soap is great any time, but is especially appropriate for the season. So is the Pumpkin Spice soap, which is very popular this time of year. Snap some up now before it’s gone.