I was re-reading my last post from a million years ago and realized that I’ve severely relapsed on my resolutions by punching a bus, and screaming at someone for using double negatives.  I guess you can’t have everything.

A few minor holidays have also happened since the last time I posted… I didn’t make any George Washington silhouettes for President’s day.  But I did write mean things on candy hearts, and encouraged others to do the same.

I’ve also made chocolate soap, because that’s what the people asked for.  It doesn’t have any weird chocolate perfume in it, and it won’t make your bathroom smell like a cupcake.  I used cocoa butter, ground cocoa beans, and vanilla bean-infused jojaba oil that I made myself.  It took a long time and required a lot of work, but was worth it to hear the positive feedback.  Some people who have tried it said they used it on their faces!  I have some for sale at the Mia Mora vintage clothing store on Fullerton and Talman (across from Fireside Bowl), and also at the Simply Chicago Art Gallery on Oakton a block west of Asbury in Evanston.  Or you can just order it directly from me: