I know I should have said this sooner, but I was too busy breathing again after all of the chaos from 2 weeks ago: Thanks to all who attended, supported, and participated in the Milwaukee Avenue Art Festival. Without the amazing artwork of Allison Rae Butkus, Cory Norris, Nathan Jerde, and Ryan Goodwin; there would not have been a show. Also, thanks to Laura and Del at Mixed Motion Art dance studio for the space to show art. That beautiful space is what made everything come to life!

I’ve been pretty lazy over the last couple of weeks, but have been getting ready to make some more soap, and design a few custom pieces of jewelry for someone who liked a necklace I had made, and was giving a test drive.

Because everyone has been really great, I’ve decided to devote my next blog post to offering advice to anyone who sends me an email. Don’t know what to wear to your cousin’s wedding? I can offer some suggestions! Questions regarding how to deal with free-loaders? I will be happy to help! Need advice regarding co-workers or relationships? I’m not exactly the authority on those things, but have plenty of first-hand experience on what not to do! Email me with your issues– put “Advice” in the subject line, and I will answer it in my next blog post. [email protected]

Until next time…