A lot of people I know have made some pretty ambitious resolutions for the new year, and from what I’ve seen, have been committing to what they said they’d do. My resolution for this year is pretty minor– to not get dramatic about dumb stuff, like getting mad when someone turns a double-exclamation point into a smiley face. I’m also going to try not to cry when I miss the bus. Most importantly, I’ve resolved to get my heart back into making jewelry. A few nights ago when I couldn’t sleep, and the almanac titled Essential Wisconsin Facts wasn’t doing the trick, I made a kick-ass pair of earrings with gun-metal wire, grey glass pearls, and faceted jet-black glass (photo coming soon). The success I had with completing this project made me feel like making jewelry again. It’s really no secret that I’ve been bringing the same jewelry from show to show for the past year, so it’s pretty exciting to have some new work.

I guess my main reason for not feeling so committed to making jewelry is because my soap is clearly more interesting and useful. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more lemongrass soap. I am planning on making that one of my next batches. I also want to resurrect my cedarwood-sage recipe, which I haven’t made in awhile. I’ve been getting a lot of requests for bacon soap, but I’ll let someone more committed to pig-products make that one. Don’t get me wrong– I love pig, but for eating; not for washing. Another common request I’ve been getting is for chocolate soap, and that is not impossible. I may have come up with a recipe that could work, without compromising the high quality and natural characteristics of my soap. I will keep you posted.

I also found hundreds of those clear glass marbles (that people fill vases with) in a box in the back of my closet, and decided to use them to make those magnets all the indie-rocker girls were making 5 years ago.
I’ve mostly been using scrapbook paper remnants from my soap packaging, so most of the images are pictures of food, music notes, flowers, and stuff like that. But my favorite magnet that I’ve made was from a picture of a “Humphrey/Muskie” campaign button I found in a newspaper. As soon as I can get a good photograph of it, I will post it.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I hope you enjoyed your holidays. I will post photographs of all of my new stuff next time. There haven’t been any shows lately, but will also post if I plan on being at any events.