Dear Everyone,

There are many great things happening this weekend, and most of them within the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival! I can’t decide whether to list all of said “great things” chronologically, or in order of importance. So I’ll just give as synopsis.

The Milwaukee Ave. Art Fest starts tomorrow at 4p.m. It will cover about 1.5 miles between Diversy & St. Georges Court (1/2 block southeast of California) on Milwaukee Ave. From what little I’ve seen in passing while borrowing tools from other galleries, everything looks amazing! Everyone, I want to let you know that I will be curating a show on Saturday and Sunday (24th & 25th July) at the Mixed Motion Art dance studio. Hours are noon – 3p.m. and 6p.m. – 11p.m. both days. Four artists will be featured in this exhibit: Allison Butkus, Cory Norris, Nathan Jerde, and Ryan Goodwin. I just finished hanging everything today, and it looks great. So stop by, damn it!

There are also some Blue Ribbon Glee Club shows this weekdend. Friday night at Ball Hall– 1621 N. Kedzie 9 p.m. We’re also singing at 7 p.m. on Saturday the 24th by the Logan Square monument. We will bring the party to the art fest!

Outside of art fest preparations, there haven’t been many exciting things happening. However, I did watch a reality show at my friends David’s and Steven’s house about good pets gone bad. An 80 year old’s Pomeranian got eaten by a snake that is a prop in an Alice Cooper tribute band. Wouldn’t you just hit a snake with a broom if you saw it trying to eat your dog?

Before I sign out, I would say that some Art Fest highlights would be the Sulzen Fine Art Studio on the corner of Milwaukee Ave. & St. Georges Ct. where painter Julie Sulzen will have an exhibit of paintings using only the colors green, black, red, and white. Cole’s bar is celebrating it’s (almost) first birthday, and there will be tons of great bands performing on the stage nearby at the fest.

O.k. Everyone. That’s all I have the energy for today, plus many PBRs are leaving me mildly bleary-eyed. Please make it to the festival.

Much love,
Your honorary Cousin Gina